EDI Managed Communications Services

Our EDI Managed Communications services provide direct support of EDI data and file transfer operations with a reliable audit trail for verifying transactions.

Our support includes various communication protocols executed locally, managed remotely through the EDIAdmin Managed Workflow support infrastructure, allowing for comprehensive and configurable audit information through integrated task management.

Automated File Transfers

  • S/MIME  (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
  • AS2 or AS3 (sFTP)
  • Straight HTTP
  • Direct FTP or Standard FTP
  • Email Attachments  ( XML, spreadsheets, flat files )
  • VAN  ( i.e. Sterling Commerce, EasyLink )

With increasing demand on B2B communications routines, the complexity and responsibility of maintenance of these communications overtax IT organizations. Through our Managed Workflow Engine and central communications service, various file transfer methods can be automated. (See "Automated File Transfers" list to right.)

Managed communications provide integrated audit trail and built in file manipulation utilities for archival, routing and processing of files once received.

A Managed Communication solution at a company can more closely link the company and its partners by allowing for the automating sharing of any file type including text, XML, PDF, and Microsoft Office files. The data need not be integration transaction data, simply any file the company wishes to share or exchange with its business partners.