Managed EDI Services

Our Managed EDI service is structured, redundant support for existing EDI subsystems with a proactive approach to defect identification and resolution achievement through ongoing process improvement and metrics analysis.

Benefits Overview

Companies will save money and reduce risk by re-sourcing EDI support through Managed EDI over fully outsourced solutions. Save up to 50% or more on EDI support of existing systems.

As companies look to streamline operations and reduce operating costs, the opportunity to re-evaluate the company's EDI strategy quickly gains attention. Companies pit the sunk cost of an existing EDI solution and risk of implementing a new EDI solution against the attraction of absolving the company of the headaches of typical EDI support. The mature technology of existing EDI solutions doesn't meld well to new technologies such as AS2, AS3 and XML.

With EDIAdmin you get the benefits of Outsourced EDI without incurring implementation costs and increasing business risk.

Why outsource EDI operations?

Successful IT operations outsource responsibilities that they don't have expertise or support infrastructure for in effort to provide adequate audit and quality support for business operations.

Outsourcing EDI with a new solution presents several challenges, costs and risks. The new solution typically requires costly re-implementations of EDI, primarily mimicking what's currently in production. This re-implementation presents significant risk to the business, where the company will be harnessed with the responsibility of testing and validating the new solution, with little long term benefit.

Couple these risks with the challenge of vaguely and ill-planned service level agreements, and many companies find themselves married to an EDI solution that does not meet the functionality of the previous EDI solution.

However, our Managed EDI solution re-uses existing technology and simply improves on the functionality and support of the system. Keeping tight integration between the application and the data translation solution, the fully Managed EDI solution continues to provide a full service solution at minimal cost. With bolt-on technical solutions encompassed in the Java-based EDIAdmin Managed Workflow Engine, a company can streamline business processes associated with EDI and B2B transaction processing.