EDI Managed Workflow Services

Our EDI Managed Workflow service provides ongoing support of automated business processes involving EDI data processing and integration with a variety of ERP, accounting, and EDI translation systems.


EDI Managed Workflow is an automated execution of related tasks grouped together through logical sequencing of events, executed locally, managed remotely through the EDIAdmin Managed Workflow support infrastructure with comprehensive decision tree support and audit capabilities.

EDIAdmin Managed Workflow Engine

The EDIAdmin Managed Workflow Engine provides small to medium size companies the capability to operate at a level of automation and integration that larger companies are accustomed to without the crushing pressure of supporting these solutions once implemented.

A fully custom workflow created for a transaction flow must cleanly manage the movement of data, the conditioning of data for the environment in which it will integrate into, maintain a detailed and thorough audit trail, provide proactive notification and initiate contingency actions. Constructing this type of business process workflow with inadequate tools quickly leads to resource intensive support and a rigid structure, which diminishes the value of the solution over time.

EDIAdmin Managed Workflow Engine provides for efficient and flexible linkage of independent programs, scripts and protocols. This provides a supported method to execute end-to-end processing of related data for multiple purposes.

System Integration

We can help auotmate EDI integration with a variety of applications including, but not limited to, the following:

ERP & Accounting Systems

  • Oracle
  • HighJump
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WHMS)
  • SAP
  • JD Edwards
  • MFG Pro
  • Lawson
  • QuickBooks
  • PeachTree

Tranlsation Systems

  • Sterling Gentran
  • Sterling GIS
  • TIE Commerce eVision
  • GXS AI