How We Can help

Management, Support, Integration
  1. Electronic data exchange with business partners
  2. Seamless integration with accounting or ERP systems
  3. Business-rule data validation and compliance
  4. Error trapping and notifications for failed processes
  5. Documentation and analysis of current and potential EDI operations

We offer a full spectrum of EDI services to assist your business operations - management, integration, support, system evaluation, and audit along with general consulting and EDI expertise for miscellaneous projects.

Services Overview

We additionally offer general consulting, training, and documentation as well as guidance and services for EDI system implementation and migration.

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  • Trading Partner Enablement / Outsourced EDI

    Let us do all of the work to implement one, ten, a hundred or a thousand of your customers or suppliers. This service takes the worry and work out of bringing new trading partners electronic with you.

    Managed EDI Services

Consulting & EDI Expertise

  • EDI Implementation Assistance

    Are you bringing up EDI in your company, but not sure how to proceed? Let us help from the selection of a tool that fits within your budget to leading your company through the entire implementation cycle and support of this new component of your operations.

  • EDI Migration

    As the EDI environment in many industries matures, a company's needs of it's EDI subsystem often changes. In many cases, a system redesign can meet the company's needs, but in many cases the decision to migrate EDI systems becomes the only option. We have a migration methodology that serves as a great process structure to migrate between EDI tools, or even versions of a tool.

  • Training

    We provide varying depths of training for EDI application systems, mapping tools, and even on your particular environment. This can be a great way to bring new employees up to speed in your environment or EDI system, as well as just refresh your knowledge on the tool you have been using for years. We often find that we open doors for new uses of the tools that had not been considered before, including better audit trails and error tracking.


  • Application Integration Assistance

    Bringing a new ERP package, VMI or WMS system up in a new environment can be very difficult, especially when electronic communication with the outside world is a factor. Our consultants can perform data integration work, gap analyses, and many other pieces of the puzzle to make sure that when you flip the switch, everything comes live together.

    EDI Managed Workflow Services

Audit & Documentation

  • System Audit & Redesign

    As an organization evolves, an EDI system often falls behind in the path of progressing technology. Our analysts help provide an experienced eye to spot where your system can be tweaked for increased efficiency and accuracy, as well as improving the structure and stability of the application. Depending on your EDI application, there's a good chance we can make significant improvements in your daily processing!

  • Documentation

    Using organized templates, we offer varied levels of documentation for your current production system, from basic data flow and schedule documentation to the documentation of standard maps and trading partner contacts. In-depth documentation is often most useful when migrating between EDI software packages or ERP systems.

    EDI Audit Services